Collaboration Policy

Spring 2021

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In line with MIT's policy on Academic Integrity, here are our expectations regarding collaboration and sharing of work.

The primary goal of all of the course materials is educational (with the exception of the exams, which are used for assessment). We ask you to work through these materials because we feel that the experience will cement the basic technical ideas and lead you to think about bigger conceptual issues. It is your responsibility to take advantage of the opportunity to do this; working too closely with others will rob you of the chance to engage deeply with the material and may lead to poorer understanding and, ultimately, worse performance on the exams.

We encourage you to help each other with work in this class, but there are limits to what you can do, to ensure that everybody has a good individual learning experience. This section describes those limits.

1) Homeworks

Homeworks are intended to be primarily individual efforts. You are encouraged to discuss approaches with other students, but your final formulation and submission must be your own. Submitting homework copied from someone else is a serious breach of ethics, and will be handled by the Committee on Discipline.

You may not use materials produced as course work by other students, whether in this term or previous terms, nor may you provide work for other students to use.

2) Assessments

Assessments should be treated like exams in terms of collaboration. You are not to work with or communicate with anybody else when doing the assessments. These are to be your work and your work alone. Violations of this will be submitted to the Committee on Discipline.

Not Sure? Ask!

These policies are in place with the primary goal of helping you learn more effectively. If you have any questions about why the policies are structured as they are, or if a certain type of collaboration is allowed, just ask! You can do so by posting a private question on Piazza, or by sending e-mail to the instructors (