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Setting up Teensy: Software Installation

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It is super-helpful to have this software working in time for lab 1 in the first week. If you have trouble, ask for help on Piazza. Else we'll help you get it set up on Friday.

1) Arduino and Teensyduino and Libraries

1.1) Arduino and Teensyduino

First thing we have to do in this class is install the necessary software! We'll be working with the Teensy 3.2 microcontroller board. It uses the C/C++ programming language, and in order to write code to it, we'll need to get the very popular Arduino environment. This will require two installs:

Most of you have Windows machines so go for the "Windows Installer" option (Not the Windows app).

You must install Arduino first and then Teensyduino. If you already have Arduino installed, please make sure it is version 1.8.9, or reinstall.

Once the Arduino software is installed, open up the Arduino program. A window should pop up. Then do the following:

  • Go to File > Examples > Basic >Blink and click on that...a window should open
  • Go to Tools > Board > Teensy3.2/3.1 and click... this tells Arduino you're using the Teensy.

At this point you should have a window up that looks like the following:

Now go ahead and click the "check mark" in the upper left corner. This checks your code for correctness. If no more than a line of orange text shows up in the window at the bottom (like in the picture below), you should be all set to move on!

1.2) U8G2 OLED Library

In addition to Arduino and Teensy, we are also going to need to install a library for the OLEDs we will be using in this class. To do so, open up Arduino and go to:

  • Sketch > Include Libraries > Manage Libraries.

From there you can search for u8g2 and press install. The latest version should be set by default, but just in case it is 2.26.14.