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Circuits and Electronics (Spring 2020)

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Contact Information

  • Entire course staff: 6.002-staff@mit.edu
  • Course lecturers only: 6.002-lecturers@mit.edu
  • Course TAs only: 6.002-tas@mit.edu
  • Individual staff members: see below


Name Role Office Email (@mit.edu) Picture
Jeffrey Lang Co-Lecturer 10-176 lang Jeff
Tomas Palacios Co-Lecturer 39-567 tpalacios Tomas
Kevin Chen Recitation Instructor 10-140H yufengc Kevin
Farnaz Niroui Recitation Instructor 12-5007 fniroui Farnaz
Suzanne O'Meara TA -- someara Suzanne
Joanna Sands TA -- joannas Joanna
Jamey Mei TA -- jiemei Jamey
Dave Otten Demo Wizard -- otten Dave