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Prelab 1

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For most labs this term we'll have a prelab, some of which are optional (like this one) and some which are required. In general, prelabs will allow you to prepare for the lab so that lab time is less stressful and will take less time. The key to finishing labs on time is to read through and do any questions on the prelab, and then show up on time to lab. In order to make sure that students in each lab section have immediate access to equipment, we'll ask each lab section to clear out at the end of their allotted time.

In Lab 1 you will hook up an initial set of components (microcontroller and OLED display), which we'll use at various points during 6.002, and learn to use some test equipment. For this Prelab, you can install the required software on your laptop.

1) Install Arduino and Teensyduino and libraries

Please go to Setting up Teensy and follow the instructions to install the Arduino IDE, Teensyduino, and the U8g2 library onto your laptop.

That's it!