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RC circuit and output waveform

The questions below are due on Wednesday March 04, 2020; 11:59:00 PM.
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The figure above shows four circuits, labeled "a" through "d". The DC voltage sources labelled by V\!s(t) satisfy:

V\!s(t) = 0,\qquad t < 0

V\!s(t) = \text{10V},\qquad t ≥ 0

For circuit (c), the supply current from the current source is given by the waveform there.

For circuit (d), the 10 V voltage source is constant and the switch in the top left opens at t = 0.

The waveforms labeled "1" through "7" could correspond to the output voltages labeled in the circuits. Match the output voltage waveforms to the appropriate circuit and source waveform.

Match for circuit (a):

Match for circuit (b):

Match for circuit (c):

Match for circuit (d):