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Fall 2019

Circuits and Electronics (Fall 2019)

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Nine hour-long video tutorials are available for viewing on the web. They cover the following topics: nodal analysis; complex numbers; transistor amplifier analysis; small-signal analysis; sinusoidal steady state analysis; resonance; operational amplifiers; bode plots; and linear circuit dynamics.

Week 1

Circuit analysis using KVL, KCL and device laws, focusing on orientation of signs

Real-life implementation of the above circuit

Week 2

Nodal Analysis in Three (Four) Different Ways on the Same Circuit

Measuring the Thevenin Equivalent of a Battery

I-V Relationship Overview

I-V Relationship Example Part 1

I-V Relationship Example Part 2

Week 3

Superposition for circuits with dependent sources

Equivalent circuit for networks with dependent sources

Week 4

Complicated Op Amp

Week 5

First Order Capacitive Circuit

Operational Amplfiers with Capacitors

RC Circuits with Inputs of Finite Pulse Widths

Setting Capacitor Initial Conditions

Week 6

RL Relaxation Oscillator

Week 7

DC Blocking Capacitor

Nested Filter

RLC Circuit Quality Factor

Week 8

**Frequency Response of a Second Order Circuit**

Week 11

Small Signal Diode

Week 12

FET Operating Point

Week 13

Small Signal Analysis of FET Circuit

** More Small Signal Analysis of another FET Circuit**

Pre-2005 Youtube Video Link