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Circuits and Electronics (Fall 2019)

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###Midterm 1 results

The midterms have been graded and the grades have been published. Go to Gradescope to see your midterm. If you have never logged in to Gradescope before, the login for your Gradescope account is your MIT email, and this course's Entry Code is 97BPXV.

The mean and median of the exam are both 68. Here is a histogram of the overall exam:

To provide some guidance as to how exam scores translate into letter grades, we estimated the grade level of each problem and then looked at sample exams with different grades and estimated their grade level. This led us to develop the following approximate grade ranges for midterm 1:

A: 85 and higher B: 65 – 84 C: 45 – 64 D: 35 – 44 F: 34 and lower

Overall people did fairly well, though there was some struggling with concepts around Thevenin/Norton Equivalents nodal analysis, and dependent sources.

While getting any sort of grade back can be a point of anxiety, it is important to remember that the midterm is just one component of the grade.

Exam solutions are here along with a blank midterm.

If you have a regrade request, you can submit via Gradescope until October 31. Please look over the solutions before submitting a regrade request.

If you have any questions about your progress in the class, please email 6.002-lecturers@mit.edu.

###Midterm 1 info

  • The exam is Wednesday October 9, 7:30-9:30p in 50-340.

  • The exam covers up through EX04 (including EX04), Lab 4, and the Oct 2 Recitation.

  • There will be an optional exam review Sunday, October 6 from 3-5p in room 34-101.

  • There will be office hours as regularly scheduled Monday and Tuesday October 7-8.

  • The exam is closed-book, though you may bring one two-sided sheet of notes.

  • Calculators are allowed.

###Review materials

###Review Session Notes