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Mechanical Circuit Analog

The questions below are due on Wednesday November 20, 2019; 11:59:00 PM.
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A mass m = 10 kg is at rest on a horizontal plane with viscous friction coefficient B = 20 N-s/m (which creates a damping force proportional to the velocity v_m). A short impulsive force of amplitude 200 N and duration 0.01 s is applied, or F(t) = 2 (N-s)\delta(t), as shown here:

We are going to create an equivalent electrical circuit of this system, based on our indirect or mobility analogy.

Here are possible circuit analogs:

Enter the letter corresponding to the correct circuit analog.

Enter the equation for the time constant of this system in terms of B and m.

Assuming that the applied force is a perfect impulse, determine v_m(0+) in m/s.

Enter an expression for the time course of the mass velocity (in m/s) for t>0, plugging in numbers for m, B, etc.
v_m(t) =