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Exercises 09

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Required Exercises

It is also very important you do the exercise below in preparation for Lab 10!

Note that the textbook is available online via the MIT libraries. Supplemental material is also located here.

Answers for all these exercises are found in the back of the text. We are happy to provide more detailed solutions, or create additional videos working through any of these problems, or for other topics of interest.

  • Exercise 14.1 -- impedance equivalence
  • Exercise 14.6 -- Compensator
  • Exercise 14.7 -- Good exercise about frequency response and time-domain response
  • Problem 14.3 -- Just a lot of impedance manipulation practice
  • Problem 14.7 -- Impedance
  • Problem 14.8 -- Q in a communications system
  • Problem 14.11 -- More impedance/frequency response stuff


Symbol Key:

  • : Not attempted / submitted
  • : Attempted but not complete
  • : Complete but late
  • : Complete and on time
  • : Complete and on time, using only one submission per question


Note: the images used to indicate progress are either exact copies (smiley, really happy smiley) or slightly modified versions (warning sign, thinking, really happy smiley with sunglasses) of emoji graphics by EmojiOne.
These images are available under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.