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Practice with nodal analysis

The questions below are due on Wednesday September 18, 2019; 11:59:00 PM.
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1) Nodal Analysis

Let's analyze the circuit below using nodal analysis.

Enter a symbolic node equation for each node in terms of the other node voltages (e_1..e_4), source values [in V or A], and/or resistor values [in \Omega].

The above specification is important. For this first part, you are only coming up with your equations. The four equations should contain sufficient information so that they could together be solved for numerical answers in the next part.

Enter in the four independent node equations. Show your work.
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Next, solve the node equations to determine the numerical node voltages. You should not have to invert a 4x4 matrix!

e_1 [V] =
e_2 [V] =
e_3 [V] =
e_4 [V] =

Now let's determine some branch currents.

Enter the value of i_1 [in A].


Enter the value of i_2 [in A].