CAT-SOOP is an Automatic Tutor
for Six-Oh-One Problems


CAT-SOOP is a tool for automatic collection and assessment of online exercises. CAT-SOOP is free software, available under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License, version 3+. In accordance with the terms of this license, the source code of the base system that generated this page is available here as a zip archive.

Please note that these terms apply only to the CAT-SOOP system itself and not to any third-party software included with CAT-SOOP, nor to any course material hosted on a CAT-SOOP instance, unless explicitly stated otherwise.


The following courses are hosted on this system:

  • F19: Circuits and Electronics Fall 2019
  • F20: Welcome to 6.002
  • S20: Circuits and Electronics Spring 2020
  • S21: Welcome to 6.002
  • S21B: Welcome to 6.002